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We offer a variety of services and cover a wide range of specialities.  Our transcribers have a vast amount of experience in legal transcriptions, medical transcriptions, court proceedings, university theses, research, therapy and journalistic transcriptions, to name but a few.  Below is a list of the different formats and types of work we cover.


Intelligent Verbatim


By far the most commonly-requested form of transcription, intelligent verbatim gathers the main essence of the interview whilst excluding all the unnecessaries (erms, ers, repetitions, pauses, coughs, intonations, etc.). 


Full Verbatim


Unlike intelligent verbatim, full verbatim includes everything mentioned above.  It is often used with oral history projects to portray every aspect of the interview.  The extra detail takes more time to transcribe, so this is reflected in the price.


Focus Groups


Focus groups are recordings with more than two participants.  They can either be transcribed using intelligent verbatim or full verbatim.  The most common types of focus groups we encounter are either market research interviews or board meetings.  


Proofreading and Editing


Our proofreading services are ideal for businesses, students and non-native English speakers.  All of our proofreaders and editors are qualified to degree level and have an incredible eye for detail.  Proofreading and editing rates are per 1,000 words.




Sometimes all you require from the interview are the main talking points.  Summaries condense lengthy recordings into concise and relevant text.  This can save hours of time having to search through full transcripts for the important details you need.


Copy Typing


In addition to our audio typing and proofreading services, we also offer a virtual assistant secretarial service.  Whether you need handwritten work, pdfs, old manuscripts or archived documents copied, Protype Services can transcribe these for you.  We can also reformat work, if needed.  Copy typing rates are per 1,000 words. 

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